Are you Diwali party ready? Buy the exclusive festive collection

exclusive festive collection

It may be fire crackers and sweets for children. However, ask an adult and they would tell you different. It is the parties. Adults look forward to it in this festival. Diwali parties are a huge craze. From tasty cuisines to board games, the celebration is celebration. And what more? All want to look their best. 


Are you celebrating the Diwali party with family or friends? Check the exclusive Diwali dresses. You can actually pick from the host of designs. There are also many colours and styles. So see what best fits your needs. 

Dress styles to put on to a Diwali party 


Ethnic collections are indeed a real head-turner. But, are you glued to the common traditional attires that you usually wear. It is time to try something new. Are you looking to stand out apart from the crowd? In that case try out these elegant outfits. 

Co-ord sets

Mustard Co-ord Set


Check this - Mustard Co-ord Set


Have you ever heard about the co-ord sets? Or have you seen anyone wearing it? We are sure if you have even seen a co-ord set you may be wondering about grabbing one for your closet. The co-ord sets are a stunner. It is a Diwali dress for women. It is a two-piece set. The top is the size similar to a short kurta. The bottom is a straight-fit pant. In a co-ord set the entire cloth is done with the same material and colour. The outfit actually is very smart. It makes you feel bold. You can thus wear it with heels. Or try slippers. You will also not need a lot of accessories.. A simple bangle and an earring would suffice. 


Are you looking to purchase co-ord sets this Diwali? Check out the collection at Stado. They have a number of designs. You can select from colours. So just pick from it. There is mustard, bottle green, printed, navy or indigo colours to name a few. Go for this outfit. Just wear it to a Diwali party. You will definitely not repent. 


Kurti sets


Fuschia Kurta Set


Check this - Fuschia Kurta Set


Is simplicity your desire? Then the kurti sets are for you. You may want to buy it this Diwali. The attire consists of a long kurti. It is teamed with pants. The pants could be of the same or different colour. Kurti sets give a very feminine look to the wearer. You can wear it with jutis or slippers. Long earrings, bangles and subtle neckpieces also go with it. 


At Stado you can pick from kurti sets. You get it with the same or contrast coloured pants. You have red, peach, grey, rust, fuschia and rama green colours. Pick from different necklines and sleeve lengths. It is a no- brainer and no-fuss outfit. It does make you look elegant throughout. 


Suit set with duppata


Black Kurta Set with Dupatta



Check this - Black Kurta Set with Dupatta


Do you want to put on a completely traditional look? Then try out the suit set with dupatta. It is smart and feminine. You can easily wear it to any Diwali party. The attire consists of a kurta and a pant. The pant could be of the same or a contrast colour. The set also has with a dupatta. Wear the suit set with dupatta. Add some jewellery and a good pair of slippers. You will surely steal the show this Diwali. 


You can pick from varied colours. There is aqua blue, aqua green, black, coffee, and dark teal. Scroll through various neck patterns. Check out the designs. Pick what best suits you. 

Sharara and skirt set 


This is not something that you will commonly see. It is the sharara set and the skirt set. That does not make them any less elegant. The sharara set comes with a short kurta. It also has the classy sharara pants. You will also have some other sets. These have a dupatta. 


The skirt set is also pretty similar Diwali outfits. It however has a skirt instead of the sharara. It comes along with a dupatta.


Both the set exudes feminism in every step. You can definitely try wearing them. You will then look different from all. 

Buying the fabric 


You thus see the choices of Diwali special dress. You can wear to a Diwali party. Pick the style that feels the best. You also have various colours. Choose from it in each style. Also, make sure to understand the fabric of the dress. This will let you know what you are about to wear. 


You have a variety of materials for Diwali dresses. Just go and  purchase from Stado. Cotton is an all-time favourite. It is apt for places that has a pleasant climate during Diwali. The material is breathable. It can be worn for long durations. It will not cause any discomfort. 


If you however stay in a place that experiences a cool Diwali then go for the woollen collection. It will keep you warm through the party. Stado also has its Diwali collection in other materials. Like velvet, viscose silk, and rayon. You can read all about the material and their fabric details on the website before you purchase. 


Check the fit


Even the best outfit can look shabby if it does not fit you well. You will be purchasing online from Stado. Make sure to check your measurements. Then compare it against their size chart. This will ensure that you get a well fitted dress. If not, you may end up with a loose fitting or a very tight dress. This will not serve the purpose. Alternatively, it will also save you time from returning and replacing the item. 

Ready for Diwali?


Diwali is knocking at the door. It is time to get your wardrobe ready. The good news is this. You do not have to do a lot to look your best. You also do not need to pay through the nose. In Diwali shop from Stado. Buy from their designer collection and amazing fabrics. You will feel like royalty when you walk in their clothes. Either go for the regular ethnic attires. This can be like the kurta sets and the kurta sets with dupatta. Or if you wish to experiment a bit then pick the co-ord and the sharara sets. Wear the vibrant colours. These are the best dress for Diwali. You will be a glam diva.

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