Ethnic Wear for Women-The Best Way to Splash out Your Beauty

Ethnic Wear for Women-The Best Way to Splash out Your Beauty

Dress is something that reflects your personality. If you have a marriage invitation in the forthcoming days and planning to flaunt your style statement, then why not go with ethnic party wear dresses?

Sounds surprising? But those days have indeed become pages of history when ethnic wear was limited to a few only. By putting on this fundamental piece of Indian attire, you will be able to represent the richness of Indian culture.

Looking forward to some of the best ways of splashing out your hidden beauty with ethnic wear? Below are a few tips that will make you style icons with STADO.

What does Ethnic Wear for Women Refer to?

Indian ethnic wear refers to a fundamental dress material that represents the richness of Indian culture. Some of the most popular outfits that fall under the category of ethnic wear include:

  • Kurti Set
  • Suit or Kurta Set With Dupatta
  • Lehengha- choli and many more.

Whether it is a special event or any celebration, hardly any Indian woman misses out on wearing an ethnic outfit. Now, if you are tired of the same fashion style, then it is high time to try some latest and trendy combinations to make it more captivating.

Kurta- Kurti Set, One of the Most Versatile Ethnic Wears

Kurta set is a highly popular ethnic wear for women. It is being highly versatility makes it highly suitable for almost every occasion and event. Its trendy and traditional designs make it the best among the most known ethnic wear.

If you may look forward to leveling up your normal ethnic wear by adopting extraordinary designs; In that case, kurta or Kurti sets are the best options. Considering that, there are several options you can add to your wardrobe that include- a velvet straight kurta set & woolen Kurti set.

If you are comfortable wearing a Kurti as ethnic wear but still want to add attraction to ur attire then trendy colors and patterns from STADO should be your final choice.

Coming to choice of material then - velvet has been a favorite of women. It is comfy plus it looks very classy at the same time. There is no better fabric to show off at a party than velvet. Also, it is very convenient to wear in the winter season. These velvet kurtas are ideal for festive celebrations. It is exquisite that brings about a sense of style in your persona. You can style your look with this type of Kurti set by adding accessories.

These are some options you can adopt for Kurti set styling:

  • Wrap a shawl as a dupatta with a velvet Kurti set
  • Wear long earrings with turtle neck velvet Kurti set
  • Pair the woolen Kurti set with flats and statement heels

Opting for any of the options will no doubt, help in ensembling a perfect balance between modernity and ongoing tradition.

Drape Lehengha Choli for Grand Festivities

The Lehenga choli is one of the most popular ethnic wear that has become popular among the masses. While purchasing this particular ethnic wear for women online, there are three different aspects that you must consider:

  • Glossy look
  • Cuts Or Flair
  • Dupatta

In terms of a trendy look, you must go with the one that matches the occasion. If you are a going-to-be bride, then better opt for one that has an exclusive shine and grace. As per the trend, brides still prefer velvet lehenga as their marriage outfit. On the other hand, if you are going for a party invitation, then your look will be slightly different.

The cuts and flair will also make a difference in your choli look. You will come across a myriad of blouse styles including trendy ones. Selecting the most suitable as per your figure will help in creating a stunning fashion statement.

Now, comes the turn of dupatta. Unlike the early days, the dupatta was traditionally utilized for veiling. Combing some style tips will help this ethnic wear for women turn into a different look.  Adopt different ways that will help in draping your dupatta most stylishly.

Amazing Looks to Style with Kurt Sets with Dupatta

The beauty of ethnic party wear dresses for women lies in the versatility associated. Whenever it comes to Kurta Sets, it becomes essential to choose a kurta with the dupatta most elegantly. 

There are several looks you can try for Kurta Sets with a dupatta. Some of the most stylish ones include the following:

  • Embroidered Kurta Sets With Dupatta 

    If you are looking forward to making yourself more presentable with a mixture of classic and elegance, then this will be the best. Get the kurta set having subtle embroidered detail to the elaborate embellishment of your look.

    Now, you can pin the dupatta on the left shoulder will let your dupatta fall behind up to the back of the knees. For the front portion, you must let the dupatta reach up to the floor followed by folding it and bringing the same around your forearm. This style will make your look more special.

    •  Velvet Kurta Sets With Silk Jacquard Dupatta

    This particular type of kurta set with a dupatta is exclusively meant for weddings and festive functions. You may either consider festive colors like fuchsia, rani pink, basil green, and turquoise-colored sets for a wedding or choose onion pink, maroon, and grey colored sets for the party.

    Instead of choosing a dress by color only, you may let it check patterns and styles to make it a more captivating look. This particular style is considered to be one of the most modern options today, especially among Indian ladies. It will let them achieve a traditional and chic appearance.

    These are some of the most exclusive fashion statements you read in this blog. But there are many more you can choose for your traditional or ethnic look. Check the STADO for more options to style the look in an Indian ethnic way.

    In Conclusion!

    Splashing out your beauty will remain no more difficult by selecting the right type of ethnic wear. You may be a source of inspiration for the forthcoming generation to make them aware of some best ways to recall and preserve the Indian tradition.

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