Styling Tips: How to Pair Jewellery with Short Kurtas

Short kurta

Short kurtas are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. It is an elegant and charming outfit that compliments all body types. Whether you are a working woman, a college student or a diva you can rely on this ensemble without a shade of doubt. Short kurti designs are simple but powerful. And when you team up short kurtas with a beautiful piece of jewellery then the attire grace increases manifold. 

Let us have a look at how to match jewellery with your short kurta for women like a pro.



Fuschia Top


Check this - Fuschia Top

Jhumkas are bold earrings that blend well with ethnic wear. These have been popular for ages and they are the perfect match be it any half kurta. If it is a casual occasion then wear the printed top with a small Jhumki. If it is a special occasion then wear a big chunky jhumka with the top. You can wear gold jhumkas too to add to your look. Jhumkas are simple yet gorgeous and look lavish when worn with short kurtas. You are free to choose from different metals as well as from coloured stones etched on the jhumkas. The jewellery is popular and makes the wearer stand out. 

Pendant Necklace

Necklace-styled pendants give your short kurti for women the much-needed bling. It however does not go overboard. How about you wear this piece of jewellery with the coffee top? The short kurta has an abstract geometric pattern which is classic and unique. The minimal necklace is the perfect jewellery that will go with this kurta. Whether it is a dinner date or a family event you can always pick up this pendant necklace to complete your look. 

Tassel Earrings


Coffee top


Check this - Coffee Top

If you want to give your ladies short kurta a modern look then opt for the tassel earrings. It makes your ethnic kurta look more Western. However, it ensures that the decency and the simplicity of the short kurta are not compromised. You can pair up a set of tassel earrings with the lemon top short kurta. The crisp cotton silk top is an elegant ensemble. The tassel earning lets you flaunt a bold and beautiful look when you wear it with this three-fourth sleeved kurta. 



Printed top


Check this - Printed Top

Studs may seem to be very simple and plain. However, this is a timeless piece of earring that goes perfectly well with short kurtas. Try pairing the studs with a V-neck, three-sleeved fuchsia top short kurta. The kurta lets you flaunt a hand-block design and a front button-down placket. It has a curved hem and three-quarter-length sleeves. When you wear a stud with this short kurta you are sure to blow away people’s minds. Studs though are pretty and small they look great on your printed kurtas. Make sure to try a few varieties to see what best suits your kurta design. 


Loops look amazing when worn with ethnic attire. However, the look that they create when worn with a short kurti top should not be ignored. The sage green top with the hand block print and three-quarter sleeve will look perfect when worn with a loop. You are sure to make a statement with this piece of jewellery when you wear an elegant short kurta. Loop or hoop earrings add charm to your ensemble. It creates the perfect indo-western vibe. 

Petite pendant

Whatever the neckline of your short kurti for ladies you cannot go wrong with a petite pendant. Apt for both a formal or a party the delicate chain elevates the look of your kurta. This could be one of the simplest ways to style your kurta. 


Necklaces are elegant and pretty. You can wear them with a three-fourth sleeve length short kurta which will make you look dazzling. The combination works the best for high-profile events and or festivals. The necklace and the short kurta create a cascading effect and instantly elevate your entire look. You can also scramble or necklaces with coloured stones. Oxidized chains are also in fashion with cotton short kurta for women. 

Silver chain pendant

If you are someone who does not like heavy jewellery then the silver chain pendant is the right piece for you. It lets you personalise and subtly adorn your kurta. The necklace enhances your neckbone. It is light to wear and is a fantastic choice with short kurtas. And the best part is that a silver chain pendant with a short kurta look is suitable both for a formal or a casual event. 



lemon top


Check this - Lemon top

Try out some stunning bracelets or bangles and a delicate chain with your cotton short kurti for women, the style makes you camera-ready in an instant. If you wear long-sleeved kurtas then make sure that the bangle or the bracelet is a contrast colour so it stands out and does not camouflage with the colour of your kurta. Browse for the latest designs in bangles and you are sure to find something that compliments your attire. You can also try out the kadas that enhance the look of short kurtas. 

Long Necklace

Long necklaces are bold and let you create a statement. It can turn a simple kurta into something fabulous. Wear the short kurtas with a long necklace to any event and you are sure to become a lifestyle icon. 

Statement ring


Sage Green Top


Check this - Sage Green Top

A big statement ring is a perfect addition to your jewellery collection especially when you wear short cotton kurtis. It adds grace to your hands and accessorises to your short kurtas as well. The bold rings go well with full-length or three-quarter kurtas. If you are wearing a darker shade of short kurta then try wearing rings with big stones. 


Kurtas are one of the most adored ethnic wear. These are the perfect ensemble that can be worn to any occasion. They are comfortable, elegant and quintessential in every Indian woman’s wardrobe. Kurtas are of various kinds. They are made with different materials and come in varied colours and patterns. 

You can make each kurta elegant when you team it with a perfect piece of jewellery. The perfect jewellery makes even a simple short kurta look stylish and elegant. So how about you choose from the wide variety of short kurta styles available on Stado. Buy the short kurtis online and wear them with your choice of jewellery?

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