Cotton Diwali dresses for the humid climate

Cotton Diwali dresses for the humid climate

The festival of Diwali is celebrated with glamour in India. It is a very important Indian festival. Families and friends come together to celebrate this festival. You thus want to look your best in Diwali. 

It is a common tradition to buy new clothes in Diwali. People shop for the best ethnic attire. Everyone wants to be the best dressed in this festival.  

When shopping for Diwali dress here are some things that you look at. You want to buy a dress that looks rich and expensive. You want to buy the latest in fashion. The dress should be designed with the best choice of colours. It should fit you well. However, the most important thing is the fabric. You want a dress that you can wear all through the evening. Or you may want the dress for the morning functions. Diwali days are long and you wish for something that looks good and feels good.  

If you choose the wrong dress material then you are sure to start feeling irritated. We thus help you buy the best Diwali dress for women. 

If the place where you live is still experiencing the summer heat then here is our cotton dress collection. With the latest trends and ad designs, you are sure to find something of your liking. 

Humid and hot Diwali

All places do not enjoy the same kind of season. Diwali usually falls in the month of November. Some parts of the world experience cold weather. There are other parts that are still hot and humid. If your place has a warm temperature in November, you cannot wear the materials like silk for long. You want something that you will be comfortable in.  

Cotton is the first option that comes to mind. This is the ideal material for hot weather. Cotton is comfortable and soft. It is breathable and thus keeps you cold. Cotton is a natural fabric. And these are really light. In short, cotton is the material that you want to wear in the summer months. 

Did you know that you can buy cotton clothing this Diwali? Cotton is not just for regular use dresses. The material also lets you make a statement in your ethnic Diwali attire. At Stado, we have a range of Diwali dresses in cotton. You can pick up a trendy design and colour as per your choice. And if you are worried about your style statement then our cotton material stands out. 

Check out our Diwali collection in cotton 

You would like to look stylish and elegant this Diwali. However, you do not want to compromise on comfort. Then check out our cotton collection for Diwali.

Kurta sets


Aqua Green Kurta Set


Check this - Aqua Green Kurta Set

Browse through the cotton kurta sets that we have for Diwali. Kurta sets are basic attire. These are simple to wear but let you create a style statement. If you carry it well then you definitely come across as confident and bold with these kurta sets. 

Our kurta sets are basically a long kurta and a pant. Some of these come with similar coloured pants like the colour of the kurta. Others have a contrasting colour that goes with the colour of the kurta. Some of our kurta sets also come with a dupatta. The colour of the dupatta matches the colour of the kurta set

We have printed kurta varieties. These look chic. They come in a range of colours. Denim kurta sets are another favourite in our lot. You can pick a floral printed too. Our kurta set collection comes in a range of colours. There is yellow, sky blue and red to name a few. Try them out this Diwali and you are sure to be a head-turner. Make sure to match the set with a fine piece of jewellery and shoes to complete your look. 

Sharara set


Dark Lilac Sharara Set


Check this - Dark Lilac Sharara Set

Want to wear something comfortable but at the same time wish to look trendy too? Then the Sharara set from Stado is the Diwali special dress. This is a three-set piece. It has a kurta, a dupatta and a sharara pant. Made from velvet you can wear this set for prolonged hours in the summer heat.

Ideal for Diwali the ethnic outfit is eye-catching. Thus, worry not if the place that you stay in feels hot in the summer. You do have some unique outfits to try out here. 

Suit set with dupatta


Aqua Blue Kurta Set With Dupatta

Check this - Aqua Blue Kurta Set With Dupatta

You cannot go wrong with this classy piece of attire. A suit set with a dupatta is the ultimate wear this Diwali. Buy one from Stado made of cotton and stay comfortable and relaxed all through the day. At Stado, we have a flamboyant collection of suit sets with dupattas. We have different colours and patterns. There are green, peach and blue kurta sets. We also have some kurta sets with a contrast-coloured dupatta. Do you want something subtle? Or do you want something a little bold? There are simple prints and embroidery as well. Our collection of suit set with dupatta is sure to impress. Check them out to pick what best suits your taste. Accessories it well and look like a glam diva this Diwali. 

Diwali dress to match the season

You should choose the Diwali dress for women as per the season. This is the basic thing when it comes to dresses. At Stado, we have a huge collection of Diwali dresses that are apt to be worn in the summer months. Made of cotton these dresses can be worn for long hours without any discomfort. We have a range of colours to pick from. We also have the latest trending designs. You are thus free to pick and choose what you like the best. With a plethora of options, you are sure to be spoilt for choice. 

Cotton clothing is the best in the summer months. Browse through our Diwali dresses in cotton and buy ethnic attire. You are sure to create a charm with our dress this Diwali. What are you waiting for? Shop for elegant cotton dresses from Stado right away. These are indeed the best dress for Diwali.

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