Shop smart this Diwali - Not just a one-time wear

Shop smart this Diwali - Not just a one-time wear

Diwali is a very important festival in India. It is the time of celebration. It is also when people buy ethnic clothing. There are many choices of ethnic wear that people buy. It brings glamour and the joys of festivity. 

However, Diwali dresses do not come very cheap. Are you a budget-conscious person? Then you are not happy about wearing Diwali dresses only once.  

Most of the younger generations of today look for value-for-money purchases. When you buy something, you look at its uses. A one-time-use product is not something that people want. They want to use the same stuff over and over again. This makes them content that they have got full value for their money. 

If you are someone who is on the same page then check out the best dress for Diwali from Stado. 

Diwali dress designs from Stado

You definitely do not want to wear anything from your closet to a Diwali function. Every lady wants to stand out in her attire during the festival. 

We at Stado offer a range of Diwali dresses. However, the best part about our dress is that you can wear it even after Diwali. 

Let us look at our different ethnic wear attire. You can see how each outfit can be worn to varied occasions and places.  

Co-ord sets


Printed Co-Ord Set


Check this - Printed Co-Ord Set

Before we understand the uses let us find out what co-ord sets are. Co-ord sets are now in trend. It is a two-clothing piece. There is a top and a bottom wear. These are made using the same material. They also use the same fabric. Co-ord sets are fashionable and lovely dresses to wear on Diwali. However, the use of co-ord sets does not end here. You can wear this Diwali dress for women to various other occasions too. Once Diwali is over wash and press it. You can now wear it as a dress-up or a dress down event.

You can wear the co-ord set to work. Dress-up days at work are a great place to wear the co-ord dresses too. These dresses are simple and chic. You can also wear them to a reception or when going out with friends. The dress makes you look smart. You can even wear it to an office event. 

Kurta set


Aqua Green Kurta Set


Check this - Aqua Green Kurta Set

Kurta sets are a no-brainer in any festival. These are perfect to be worn to a festive occasion. At Stado we have a range of kurta sets to choose from. They are available in stylish patterns and colours.

And the best part about these kurta sets is that these are not one-time wear. Once Diwali is over worry not. You can wear the kurta sets to many places. Any event with colleagues or friends, you can wear it. Some of our kurta sets are so elegant that you can put them on to work on special occasions. If you have to attend a family event then pull out this set. The attire is so sophisticated that it even works great on date nights. 

Lehenga set


Black Velvet Lehenga Set


Check this - Black Velvet Lehenga Set

Most of us shy away when buying lehenga sets. These usually come across as one-event attire. However, that is not true when you buy it from Stado. We have a very rich collection of lehenga sets. However, this is not overdone. Which means that you can wear it to functions even after Diwali. 

Is it your best friend's pre-wedding ceremony or your cousin’s engagement? This lehenga dress is a great attire to wear. Our lehenga, dress can also be mixed and matched. You can use your creativity and match the choli and the lehenga with another of your lehenga set pairs. This will create an altogether different look. 

Sharara set


Dark Lilac Sharara Set


Check this - Dark Lilac Sharara Set

We love shararas because they are bold and classy. These do make an eye-catching appeal on Diwali. And you can wear it even after the festival. On a holiday or when visiting your relatives, wear this sharara set and put it to good use. 

Skirt set


Rani Skirt Set With Dupatta


Check this - Rani Skirt Set With Dupatta

Skirts are pretty for women of all ages. You may have decided to buy a skirt set this Diwali. However, are you thinking of where to wear it again post the function? We have you all covered.

The skirt set can be worn with or without the dupatta. You can thus wear the skirt set to an evening ethnic event. There are festivals throughout the year. You also need to attend your colleague's wedding and pre-wedding celebrations. There are Holi and Navratri celebrations at work and in your community. These are just a few of the events where you can wear this skirt set. 

Suit set with dupatta


Black Kurta Set With Dupatta


Check this - Black Kurta Set With Dupatta

This is very classy among woman’s Diwali outfits. You have different colours of suit sets with dupatta to choose from. They look great when worn to Diwali functions. And since they are not loud you can wear them to events even after Diwali.

Choose to wear the set to traditional Indian functions. You can also wear the set when travelling. The dress looks great even to wear to work. The set is apt to be worn to any dress-up event. 

Pick your Diwali dress

We have a range of Diwali dresses to choose from at Stado. You can pick your favourite colour. You can also choose from the timeless pieces. Those who do not want to be left behind can pick the trending outfits. There are ample varieties here.

You are thus free to select what you want to wear this Diwali. And the best is that these dresses are not just a one-time wear. You can wear it on many occasions even after Diwali 

Our Diwali special dress collection at Stado is elegant but humble. You thus do not have to wrap and keep these dresses away after Diwali. You can mix and match them with a different outfit. Or you can wear the same outfit to family functions and corporate events. Some of our Diwali outfits are so sophisticated that you can wear them to evening parties too. 

Cotton Diwali dresses for the humid climate