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Co-Ord Sets

It's 2023, and waking up in the morning and dressing up every day in aesthetic clothing is a form of self-love. As it is said, life can't be perfect but your co-ord sets can be. If you already know what ethnic aesthetics are, you must be a Genz! But if you are unknown to this term, let us explain a little bit about it. The aesthetic is referred to things that are eye-pleasing, it can be anything from sunsets to your outfit reflection. Everything that attracts the human eye and calms your senses is referred to, as aesthetic. while ethnic is referred to traditional Indian clothing which has some Western influence like the cuts and patterns. when we combine soothing hues and modern Indian silhouettes, we get an ethnic aesthetic. If you are looking for aesthetic ethnic clothing to wear on every occasion, we have listed some of the co-ord pant set you can wear in both morning and evening events behind the shadow of a doubt. 

Cotton Denim Co-Ord Sets 

If you are a forever denim fan like us, you are gonna love these cotton denim matching sets, which are for both office and personal meetings. Currently, the weather is in transitioning period, it's difficult to decide if one should dress up warmly or not. For such situations, cotton denim fabric is a bridge between comfort and styling. As we talk about maintenance, this fabric is less likely to get wrinkles and could be worn a few times before washing, making it a more convenient option. Check out denim ethnic co-ord sets down below. 

1. Indigo Collared Co-Ords 


Indigo Collared Co-Ords


Check this - Indigo Collared Co-Ords

Denim on denim matching set, where denim is in its original color, indigo. The first uncommon thing, the kurta has a collared neckline which is a great way to make you look presentable, this ethnic co-ord set is a fusion of a straight slim-fit kurta and matching wide-leg pants. As you can see, this whole fit is giving a classic vibe. The button-down pattern is a minimal eye catchy addition. 

The permanent cuffed sleeves are well-designed as it's easy to manage, and no foldings and wrinkles need to be maintained. These co-ords are made to keep both your comfort and style a priority. For instance, you wore this co-ord for a formal meeting, and at the end of the day you are supposed to attend a friend’s party, with these co–ords you can be always on your toes. 

 2. Denim Pin Stripe Co-Ords 


Denim Pin Stripe Co-Ords


Check this - Denim Pin Stripe Co-Ords

This formal co-ord set in a navy hue is a fusion of a relaxed fit buttoned vest and high-waisted wide-leg pants. This fit is the best example of less is more. For those who are adapted to minimalism, these co-ods deserve to be in your wardrobe. Since the blouse is sleeveless, it expands the room for styling. A little addition of a neck scarf can make you feel like a main character. Whether you style it with sneakers or high-heels, you get the choice to make it casual and formal at the same time. 

Cotton linen co-ord sets 

If we talk about the most suitable fabric, cotton is considered the ivy league among all fabrics, Since its suits both sensitive and normal skin types. And linen is equally a great fabric except for its availability factor. Here the co-ords are designed using both the elements of cotton and linen, by using cotton linen blended fabric. This blend is best for humid weather, currently, its a lot of moisture in the surrounding, this blend is renowned for its comfort and moisture-wicking nature.  

Both of these fabrics and their blend are equally sustainable. If you are into flowy and ease fitted clothing these ethnic co-ord sets are the finest alternative. The durability of cotton and the soft feel of linen creates a breathable combination to wear during both day and night events. 

 1. Overall printed co-ord 


Overall printed co-ord


Check this- Overall printed co-ord

For the oversized clothing wearer, this co-ord pant set is like heaven. This co-ord has an elegant flowy look. With a straight fall long kurta and wide-leg pants, your personality will surely stand out amongst the crowd. The little details like silt in the center and on the side make a huge difference, for comfort. The illusion of a placket with fabric buttons defines minimalism. The length of the sleeve and deepness of the neckline is designed keeping the formal occasions in mind. When you attend a business meeting or if you are traveling far to join your friends for a dinner party,

 it's essential to feel comfortable and confident in yourself, you can't afford to divert your attention by adjusting your dress. For such major events, Flowy straight fall party co-ord sets are ideal for all occasions. 

2. Tie-Dye Co-Ords 


Tie-Dye Co-Ords


Check this - Tie-Dye Co-Ords

Currently, tie-dye clothing is trending a lot. these cotton-linen co-ords are created using this textured technique. At first glance, we see the straight fit of a calf-length kurta and straight ankle-length pants. And if looked closely, this fit has a single buttoned placket with a round neck and buttoned placket on the sleeve hemline. These effortless co-ords are suitable for the days when you want to dress up lightly and be presentable. The bluish tone radiates calm and soothing vibes and the straight fall gives off the chic look. Again for the formal co-ord sets, Little details matter the most even though the fit is relaxed, this kurta has slits on the side to help you walk and carry yourself with ease. 


Dressing up aesthetically pleasing fit is a form of loving yourself but it becomes difficult to dress up tidily and according to events when you have to manage both office and homely social meets. during these unavoidable situations, one is expected to look presentable and relatable to the occasion. These co-ord sets are the perfect solution to be comfortable during all occasions, where you can skip unwanted changes between day and night events. Above listed co-ord pant sets are relaxed fit and ideal for both formal and casual gatherings. These co-ords are minimal and have a classic fit to make stand out and carry your personality with confidence.

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