Kurta Set and Kurti Set for Women - What is the Difference?

Kurta Set and Kurti Set for Women - What is the Difference?

Are you aware that printed kurtas and kurtis form basic traditional ethnic wear for Indian women? Both can be worn in casual and party celebrations. Generally, buyers confuse both terms with each other at the time of making a purchase.

Knowing the differences that exist between kurti and kurta set for womenwill help in making a generous selection. Also, it will help in valuing your investment finally letting you make the most out of the wear.

What Makes Kurtas and Kurtis Suitable for Asian Continents?

With time, style along with trends and fashion undergoes certain development. Some of these attires are designed as per the latest changes in fashion trends. Whereas, others are designed by considering climate!

Similarly, a kurta set with a dupatta and a kurti set for women has been designed by taking the humid and hot climates of Asia. Though the purposes of both of them are almost the same, some variances exist.

What is the Specialty Associated with a Kurta and Kurtis for Women?

Both kurtas and kurtis have dominated the wardrobes of Indian women for a long. These ethnic Indian attires are among fashionable garments having almost similar shapes and structures.

These dresses will serve as gift items to the dearest and nearest ones during occasions like Diwali, birthdays, etc. Both these outfits are available in both plain and printed patterns. Hence, wearers will be able to make the right selection based on their personal choices.

Kurtas are among one the most popular ethnic attires that are not only popular in India, but also around the world. Being loose in terms of fitting, they are put on the upper part of the body. Some are inclusive and others are exclusive of collars that make them suitable for formal wear.

You can easily wear a party wear kurta set for women having either a plain or embroidered decoration. This dress material may be either loose or tight in the torso that usually fits above or below the knees. You can wear it over regular pyjama, salwar, churidar, and other bottom wears.

On the other hand, a party-wear kurti set refers to an upper garment with hardly any side slits. It will look great with the right type of matching casual and traditional bottoms like:

  • Tight jeans
  • Pyjamas
  • Salwars
  • Pallazzos etc.

A kurti in the market is available in variable finishing with different types of collars. From V-neck to one-shoulder, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Before moving forward to the differences that exist, it is high time to peep into the similarities that exist between a kurta set for women and a kurti set for women.

What is the Similarity between Kurta and Kurti for Women?

Though the styles plus cuttings vary, there are certain similarities associated between kurta and kurti. Those similarities include the following:

  • Both are among the highly popular attires in Asia including India
  • Whether it is a kurta or a kurti, you may choose to put it without a dupatta.
  • Both these attires can be worn on any special occasion. The way they are draped varies a bit.
  • A kurti set for women and a kurta set for women are preferable on various occasions due to the sheer versatility and elegance

Last but not the least, both of them are fit for almost all types of occasions; formal and informal.

After coming across the similarities, it is time to come across the difference that exists between a kurta set and a kurti set.

What are the Differences that Exist between a Kurta and a Kurti Set?

kurti set for women

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Now, it is time to peep into the differences that make a kurta and a kurti different from others. Below are some of the vital differences:

The primary difference in length

First and foremost, there is a primary difference between a kurta and a kurti set. Usually, kurtas are long and reach up to the calf. Whereas, kurtis comprise short lengths that reach up to the length of the hip.

Pairing difference

 Whenever it comes to pairing, a kurta can be easily paired with a churidar or a pyjama. While, kurtis are worn with jeans, patialas, or palazzos!

Presence and absence of a collar

 Usually, a kurta is devoid of any collar. But a kurti is inclusive of a collar. The styles of collars usually vary between V-neck and off-shoulder. But, fashion designers are including collars in kurtas as well.

The comfort associated

In terms of comfort, if you prefer wearing a tight dress, then kurti will be the right choice. It is shorter in length and also tight. While a kurta is long and looser.

The difference in fabric

A kurta set for women is manufactured using lighter fabric that includes cotton and silk. But a kurti set is manufactured using materials that are feminine-friendly like linen and chiffon.

Easiness in terms of wearing

 If you are in a hurry but need to flaunt your style statement, then going with a kurti set for women will be the right choice. The flexibility associated with the styling of a kurti is more than a kurta set.

Length of sleeves

 Another vital point to note is that in terms of length of sleeves, kurtis are either full length or have a length of three-fourth the hand measurement. But, kurtas are mostly sleeveless.

These are some of the vital differences that exist between a kurta and a kurti. Based on your preferable style statement and personal choice, it will become easy to make the right selection.

Planning to purchase one! Why not switch to an e-commerce shop?

What are the Benefits of Purchasing Kurtas and Kurti set Online?

kurta set for women

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After coming across the similarities and differences, are you determined on the right option? If yes, then better buy your desirable kurti with a pant set or kurta set with a dupatta from a reliable e-store.

As e-stores remain open round the clock, you need not interrupt your daily routine to make a purchase. Visiting some online stores including will let you come across some decent collections.

It will make it easy for you to compare and make the right selection based on your personal choice. When are you going to have one?

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