Outfit ideas to attend a winter Christmas party

winter clothes for women

Christmas is around the corner. You may definitely have got many Christmas party invitations. It is a season of colour and warmth. You may have been invited to a Christmas party at home. Or you may be planning to attend one of the parties in restaurants. Whatever it is you want to get dressed for the event. 

Are you however undecided on what to wear? Then let us take you through the varied winter wear dress for women. 

Stand out in the Christmas party

Everyone attending the Christmas party will be well dressed. You thus want to ensure that you don’t pick anything from your old collection. And it is winter too. You want to be sure to look good and also stay warm. So how do you go about doing this? All that you need to do is to read ahead for some lovely winter wear ideas. These winter clothes for women are glamorous and they keep you comfortable. 


So let us dig deeper into the varieties that you have. 


Wollen middy in the teal colour


Teal Woollen Middy


Check this - Teal Woollen Middy


Take a look at this. It is a below knee-length middy dress. The outfit is made of woollen material to let you stay warm. However, what catches our attention is the colour. You are at a Christmas party. Here you will have everything decked up in reds and whites. You need to stand different. And thus, if your dress is also of the same colour then it will not be different. It will get camouflaged. This teal colour is thus a great pick. It is a mix of green and blue. So basically, you walk in the shades of greenish blue in between the red and white décor. Trust me you will not go unnoticed in this female winter clothes. 

The frontal buttons and the belt that comes with the dress add to its elegance. The side pocket gives you a charming yet smart look. Team this up with heels and you are all set to go. The ban neckline and the full sleeves of the dress design add to your personality. Pick this up if you wish to steal the Christmas party show. 

Co-ord set in bottle green


Bottle Green Co-ord Set


Check this - Bottle Green Co-ord Set


Here is another of our favourites. Wear it to any Christmas party and see how you get noticed. This attire is basically a smartly designed coord set. It comes in a bottle green colour. This again stands out in the event and around the décor. You will notice most of them are wearing red and white. However, the crux is to look different. And this is what the dress offers to you. The coord set is highly popular. The trendy design is a two-piece set It has a top and a bottom pant. The entire outfit has the same colour and style. This is how the attire gets its name. The fit of the dress is perfect and comfortable. Made of woollen material keeps you feeling comfortable all through the party. It has a turtle neck and the sleeves are full-length. Christmas mostly is about wearing western attire. And this dress blends well with the look. Wear heels and carry a handbag to complete the look. You just go wrong with this Christmas attire for sure.

Kurta set in mouse-coloured


Mouse Kurta Set


Check this - Mouse Kurta Set


Before we begin about how this dress can be the perfect Christmas winter wear for women, let us understand what this attire is. This is basically a kurta set in a mouse colour. The mouse is basically a greyish or sage-green colour. In short, this is a colour that you won’t really have in your closet. It is new in trend and very chic. The colour is neither very bold nor too dull. It is just right for all occasions. And thus, the dress fits in well into your Christmas party. Coming to the design this is a kurta set. Both the top and the bottom are of the colour colour. The buttons run down at the frontal side. However, it is not in the middle but towards the left. This makes it different. The kurta is full sleeve and comes with a round neck. The best part is that it is made of woollen material. So, you can wear it in the chilly winters easily. The regular fitted pants add to the smartness of the look. Get a lovely piece of dangling earrings and a handbag. Wear a neutral shade sandal. And you are Christmas party ready instantly. 

Kaftan kurta in maroon colour


Maroon Woollen Kaftan Kurta


Check this - Maroon Woollen Kaftan Kurta


This is again among our best Christmas dress picks for this season. The kaftan design is a win everywhere. It is comfortable, smart and elegant. The dress is made of woollen material. So you can wear it throughout the Christmas party. We like the loose fitting that adds a relaxed vibe to the outfit. It is a regular fit and features a turtle neck. You get regular fit trousers of the same colour with it. The attire comes with a tassel and a dori. This enlightens your features and the dress stands out. There is a stream of buttons running on the front and reaching your waist. Choose to wear an earring and slippers. The maroon colour blends with the Christmas vibe. However, its bold shade does not go unnoticed. Wear this attire and be ready to get flooded with compliments. 


We have listed down some of the best ladies’ winter clothes ideas that you can select to wear to any Christmas party. There are several other designs and varieties that you can try out. From shackets to mackets and kurta sets with dupattas, the choice is unlimited. Browse through the winter wear collection at Stado to take your pick. With a variety of choices in fabrics and styles, you are sure to get something that you want. So get ready for the Christmas party and be a real stunner. Make sure that you buy the right fit. Stado offers quality dresses that are made with rich colours and the best fabric. However, you need to choose the right size too. The attire will then look as if it is tailored just for you. And if you are thinking about the prices then worry not. Stado has the best outfits at competitive prices. It is thus time to fill up your cart right away!

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